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Kerrville: A wonderful place to live

Longhorns_ILoveKerrvilleI first visited Kerrville in 2005. My father was born in Texas and I always loved the culture and history but lived most of my life on the Central Coast of California. My husband and I were ready to move away for many reasons and began our search in other states but when we arrived in Kerrville we both looked at each other and said this is it–this is where we want to live.

We love to golf and were tired of the coastal fog so off we went to the Texas Hill Country with its warm weather and great golf courses. We drove, followed by the moving truck and a UHaul, and arrived late at night. We rented a house unseen and thank goodness it was perfect for our needs. However, when I got up the first morning I realized I didn’t know anything about Kerrville–I knew where the Starbucks was but that was all. I needed to grocery shop and run other errands and didn’t even know where to start. So off I went.  I discovered HEB, one of the best grocery stores I have shopped in. I discovered Gibsons, the best hardware and general merchandise store you can find — after years of living in Kerrville, I can say with the rest of the community that you can probably find “it” at Gibsons.

The best surprise of our move to Kerrville was, and still is, the people. It’s a great community of friendly people. The folks here ask “how are you” and they expect you to answer with more than just “I’m fine” — they really care. You are waved at by perfect strangers — although here it seems no one really is a stranger. We have never looked back–we love Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country and are happy to call it home.