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Cynthia Thomas

CynthiaThomasAs an experienced rancher and realtor, Cynthia Thomas knows the Texas Hill Country intimately – everything from farms and ranches, to residential homes and homes on acreage.

 In 1972, Cynthia began calling the Hill Country “home.” As a Master Naturalist she is an outspoken advocate for the conservation of our natural resources and stewardship of the land. For recreation, she enjoys hiking in the woods, and kayaking down the Guadalupe River.

 Cynthia studied at Oklahoma State, earning her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and later a Master’s from Dallas Theological Seminary. She also studied Interior Design at South Texas State University and is a published author and Certified Mediator.

 With more than 10 years as a real estate agent, Cynthia has a wide range of resources to draw on, whether you are looking to purchase property in the Texas Hill Country or looking for a qualified buyer of your ranch, home or lot. She adores when a client arrives at that “Aha! This is it!” moment, when a sale is made and everyone walks away happy.