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Johnna Blackburn

JohnnaBlackburn_website1Johnna Blackburn is a Texas girl through and through, raised in the northwest part of the state and then residing in El Paso for the following 23 years. She has bred and shown Arabian horses at the national level and even owned a horse transport business for many years.

In 2000 she  moved to the town of Junction in the Texas Hill Country. She worked as a Critical Care Registered Nurse until 2007 when she retired from medicine and entered yet another career as a professional real estate agent.

With a small scale farm and ranch, Johnna and her husband take full advantage of the Hill Country’s outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting and kayaking.

Johnna is glad to represent clients interested in buying or selling homes and property in Kerr, Kimble, Edwards, Crockett and Sutton counties. She specializes in finding land and residences that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, investors and ranchers. Her attention to detail and glowing enthusiasm help her to quickly and smoothly facilitate every aspect of your real estate transaction – whether residence, home on land, ranch, farm or lot, Johnna can help you close the deal.

Johnna’s edits have been incorporated. I did not add any of the details about her being widowed or her husband’s origins in Texas – not really relevant for the context. This is ready for approval.